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Public Safety

I have hosted a public safety town hall every year since I became a city councilmember. We have covered topics such as game rooms, the expansion of a new District 9 police district, funding allocation and renovations to the Wai’anae Police Station, sex trafficking, missing children, and school resource officers. It was no secret that in 2023 we had a murder almost every month in Wai’anae and the community was very distraught and wanted to see change. We are not out of the woods but we have seen the following improvements:

Enhanced Wai’anae enforcement in Nov 2023 which resulted in 70 arrests from felony drug arrests to DUIs and 800 citations.

New lifeguard stand at Kahe Point which was the first new lifeguard stand in 11 years.

Officer hiring incentives to address over 400 officer vacancies and can improve coverage across the island.

Introduced Bill 57 & 58 to increase DPP & HPD collaboration to crack down on game rooms in Wai’anae which decreased from 22 down to 11

Ocean Safety Commission for the new Ocean Safety Department.

Prohibited left turns on Kapolei Parkway to decrease accidents, included money in the budget to put up a new stop light, and worked with private companies to get two more stop lights for pedestrian safety.


Restore, Reconnect, Revive (R3) started in August 2022 in an effort to restore areas as public spaces; reconnect individuals with resources with a dedicated focused follow-up; and revive the outreach process by having accountability and timelines.


In June of 2023, I was able to successfully pass Bill 56, Ordinance 23-13, which removed the requirement for permits on basic home repairs. This makes it possible for homeowners to take care of improvements immediately instead of waiting for months and years to get a permit from the Department of Planning and Permitting.

Before Bill 56

Before & After Bill 56

After Bill 56

Fences over 30 inches need a permit

Fences over 6 feet need a permit

Electrical work over $500 needs a permit

Electrical work over $2500 needs a permit

Plumbing over $1000 needs a permit

Plumbing over $2500 needs a permit

Home renovation over $5,000 needs a permit

Home renovation over $10,000 needs a permit

Solar Panel technology upgrades need a permit

Solar Panel technology upgrades DO NOT need a permit

raising our standard to make a difference


Andria Tupola - Trash Clean Up

16 clean-ups in areas with heavy illegal dumping

Stop Human Trafficking

Feb 2024 hosted the “Stop Human Trafficking” conference

Andria Tuploa - School Supplies

School supplies for hundreds amount of students

Christmas Angel Tree Partnership

Angel tree partnership to help families during Christmas

Kea’au Beach Park Improvements

Kea’au Beach Park improvements including bollards, chains, and gates

Andria Tupola- Beach Restoration

Restoration of beach from Depots in Nanakuli to Ulehawa Stream