Wake Up, Hawaii

Aloha Friends! I'm an early riser. Most mornings, I'm running by dawn, focused on continually moving forward. Some mornings are tougher than others but ultimately, excuses won't get me to the finish line. It requires discipline to achieve any worthwhile pursuit in life. I choose to wake up so I can show up to honor my commitments to myself,

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Democracy Dies in Silence

¡Mis quierdos amigos! (My dear friends), You may be surprised to learn that during my early twenties, I lived in Venezuela for 1½ years during the height of socialist dictator, Hugo Chávez. In a sense, it was the best of times and it was the worst of times. Venezuela was once a prosperous country fueled by oil and democracy.

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Transparency is the Currency of Trust

Aloha friends, It’s been said that transparency is the currency of trust. As a legislator, educator, and especially a mom of two teenage girls, I couldn’t agree more. In a recent poll evaluating our government’s openness and transparency, 66% of respondents gave the state a failing grade while only 6% felt it deserved top marks. By this

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